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The Best Crypto Affiliate Programs for 2021

Creating quality content and getting it monetized could be challenging some times. When it comes to crypto related content we have huge variety of various affiliate programs that will help any creator get payed for what they do. We introduce to you our list of top programs for crypto content.

Table of contents:

  • Crypto Affiliate Program – What’s that?
  • Why should I go to the program?
  • How can I do this?
  • Programs list:
    • Stormgain
    • Binance
    • Bitsgap
    • ViaBTC
    • Minergate
    • Coinbase
    • HaasOnline
    • CryptoHopper
    • Paxful
    • Bybit
    • Trezor
    • Kucoin
    • Changelly
    • Coinmama
    • Local Bitcoins
    • Bitpanda
  • FAQ

Crypto Affiliate Program – What’s that?

Crypto affiliate programs are the same as any other affiliate program out there. Anyone who has a voice out there can join the crypto affiliate programs and make an income stream that will pay you off for a long period of time. You can monetize any of your platforms be it a blog, YouTube channel, Twitter handle, a Facebook or Instagram page, as long as you have people who listen to you, you can be a great affiliate partner and make money out of your internet time.

You just have to be a part of the crypto affiliate programs and put your crypto referral program link out there for people to follow the link and for their purchases, a small commission will be paid to you as a marketing partner. The Crypto referral program is all about the audience you have. More people hear you, the more money you will make.

It is a great opportunity for people who have built an audience over a period of time, but new bloggers or internet people can also do this, and by the time they get established as internet faces their audience will also be mature and learned about the product they are offering and will have faith in them as well. The Crypto affiliate programs can also be the next stream of income for people who are working professionals and have a built network over the span of their professional careers.

All in it is an opportunity for everyone to get into crypto and add to their streams of income.

Okay – Why should I go to the program?

No other reason than some extra bucks, for which you only shared a few links of your crypto affiliate programs within your circle or to your audience, and that’s it. It will directly add to your account. No hustle, nothing, just a few clicks and you are ready to get your referral money!

These kinds of programs also help people to grow as a brand and be identified in a herd of millions over the internet.

Well if that is not motivating to you… I don’t know what is…

I’m kinda interested! How can I do this?

Now that you are here.. I am assuming that you are interested in crypto affiliate programs and wanna be a part of them and of course earn some extra bucks.

So what you gotta do is to register for any of the available crypto affiliate programs, you can for as many as you want and then share them on different platforms, play around with it, and analyse what works best for you. Which platform is getting you higher returns and which platform is giving your higher commissions. You’ll learn as you go ahead and play around testing things out on your way ahead.

Talking about the options for crypto affiliate programs, there are many options available out there to start with. Some of them are listed below to help you choose and start your crypto affiliate program journey!


Stormgain is providing one of the best affiliate programs for individuals and organizations. It has a really user-friendly affiliate dashboard that tracks your traffic and lets you see statistics and analyse it with ease and access. Their affiliate manager will also be there to tell you tips and tricks to maximize your profits by maximizing your voice and make it to the masses. They are offering a very good commission rate as well. So it is the one you must try, for the learning and a really good experience at least.

If you are interested in working with Stormgain you should definitely check out our review on them.


Bitsgap offers an affiliate program that is really easy to be a part of. All you have to do is to sign up on the platform and create your affiliate link with just a click. After this it’s all up to you, share your link with as many people and make more and more money. Bitsgap provides a wholesome commission of 30 percent on every purchase made through your link.

Binance logo


Binance is a bit strict in giving out the affiliate links. They have certain conditions for the program. For organizations, it is that the organization must have a user-base of over 2000 people. For individuals, one must have at least 5000 plus followers or subscribers. Interestingly they also provide a referral program for communities that makes it easy to monetize a community, and it only has to have a member base of 500 or more people. These restrictions help you to get a chunk of the market and prevents the market from getting saturated. It is the best crypto referral program for people with a really good audience base.


ViaBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange and pool that offers a variety of cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, and trade from. All you gotta do is to generate your affiliate program link and share it in your network. All the newcomers will get a 10 percent discount and you will get a commission on their first purchase.


Minergate is one of the coolest platforms out there that offers an affiliate program. They offer upto a 65 percent of their profit to the user they gained through you. They have categorized the affiliates by the number of users they have bought on the platform and provide different percentages of their profits as the level of the affiliate. It’s kinda cool and motivating at the same time as one will always hustle to get more and more people on board to get the maximum out of the platform. Drill remains the same, get your link and share. One more thing is that they also provide promo materials to their affiliate partners.

Coinbase logo


Coinbase is another crypto exchange that offers affiliate programs for individuals and organizations in more than 15 categories. Drill remains the same. Sign up, get reviewed and accepted, get your link, share and promote coinbase, and earn rewards. As of now, they are offering up to 50 % commission but it is going to increase soon.


Haasonline offers a referral program for people with less audience and close circles only. They get you to refer to your friends and for each completed order from your friends, you get a chunk of 25 % of the profit. Which is a decent amount for one who is new or has a very limited network.


Cryptohopper has a user base of more than 270 thousand people. It already has more than 1000 affiliates and paid more than 500 thousand to affiliates as a commission with an average of 4.5 dollars per sale by the affiliate links. These numbers are really fascinating but one must have convincing power and really great communication skills to make it happen. If you’ve got that spark, you are the best fit for the program. You already know the drill. Just sign up and enjoy making more money.


Paxful pays you to bring people to Paxful. They offer really great offer and a multilevel commission as well. It pays you a 50 percent commission if you directly contact purchases from Paxful and a 10 percent if some invited by your invitee buys on the platform. That really sums up a great deal.


Bybit offers you to become their business partner as their affiliate program. They offer a really good rate of 30 percent of the profit from direct invitee sales and 10 percent extra on sub-invitee sales as well. That multiplies the commission you get as more people you get in and more people they get in more your commission will be.


Trezor offers an affiliate partnership that is going to you 12 to 15 percent of the net purchase amount. They also offer monthly payments or even payment at your desire and customized plans.


Kucoin is not only offering an affiliate program but also an ambassador program as well which makes it easy for more people to get into the program and spread the word more and more. They are also providing really good commissions to their affiliates. This is the best crypto affiliate program for individuals who have a network and are working professionals.


Changelly is offering an affiliate program with a rate of 50 percent commission over all the purchases made within the 9 days of the registration of the referral link.

Coinmama Affiliate


Coinmama is offering one of the best crypto affiliate programs in the hot market. They are offering a 15 percent of the commissions on your referrals and not only is this referral out of bound. It means that not only their referral purchases will give you cash but all of their future purchases will also let you earn as well. This is something no one else is offering so far.

Coinmama affiliates are to be paid monthly that makes it easy for them to track and manage their income stream. Payments are rolled out after 3 orders from 3 different people, to make the process more transparent and eradicate the fact of bogus entire and foul commissions. This is really good for coinmama affiliates as they are now getting rid of the affiliates who are in the business for the commissions only and are not giving something out to the market and also plotting the market. 

Coinmama affiliates also get the training that all the other leading brands are providing to their affiliates to maximize their referrals and commissions. In compliance with that there is also a really good affiliate dashboard that allows affiliates to manage their flows easily and maintain the flow.

Local Bitcoins

Local bitcoins also offer a crypto referral program that gives you a wholesome commission of 20 percent of the purchases made through your referral link and which you can convert from bitcoin to cash later on. It is great to learn and build yourself as there are many options available but the rate is not very good.


If you send traffic to bitpanda via your referral link they are offering you a commission of 20 percent on each completed sale. The best part is that they are offering affiliates a training session kind of thing where they are teaching tips and tricks to maximize their commissions by upbringing their blogs, posts, and build their personal brand. Rate is not very lucrative but the training program is. The drill is still the same register, share link, and earn commissions.


How to make money with a crypto affiliate program?

The best crypto affiliate programs provide the best options to make side money. All you have to do is sign up for the program and share your link to your circle/audience, and you are good to go. Now wait for their signups and purchases and you will get your commission right in.

It is really dependent on how you manage the flow of money into the system and ultimately into your account. Better management, a good reach out to people, and a good public identity will really give you our results.

How to monetize your crypto-related content?

Just sign up for some crypto affiliate program and in each of your blog or post link your affiliate link and every time your audience uses your referral link, you will get a chunk of their transaction as a commission.

How much money can I earn with crypto affiliate programs?

This is really a subjective question. One with a great fan following and has already built an audience base is more likely to make more, than one who just started off in the internet world. A rule of thumb may be, the greater the circle, the more the chance to earn.


Whether you are a content creator, internet sensation, or a working professional, it is a chance for you to build an alternate stream of income. Don’t miss this great opportunity and start now. It will give you fruit, if not now then in near future but it will for sure. Unleash your creativity and build another stream of income that will last very long and you can convert your bitcoins to cash at any instance of time and ENJOY!

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