HaasOnline review

HaasOnline review: is it worth it?

HaasOnline is one of the most popular crypto trading bot services in the market today. They offer a wide range of products that help crypto people to make better trades or manage their portfolio better. In HaasOnline review we will take a deeper look into their services and if they are worth the price?

Pros and cons of HaasOnline:


  • Big variety of trading bots
  • Visual editing tool to make your own trading bot
  • Back-testing and front testing abilities
  • All of the main crypto exchanges APIs
  • Support and security


  • High price
  • Platform is tricky to use for newcomers
  • No money making guarantee

What is Haasonline?

Haasonline is a service that offers automated crypto trading bots and other integrations. Huge variety of prebuilt bots and ability to code your one bot makes Haasonline really outstanding among other providers. 

Other worth to mention services are backtesting ability. Also, paper trading, leverage automation and notification service. These, for those who trade crypto quite often, is a valuable asset to have. Not only they save time, but could protect your account from huge possible losses.

In the next section we will take a look at all the trading bots Haasonline has to offer.

Automated trading with HaasBot Crypto Trading Bots

Accumulation bot

Accumulation bot could be used to increase or decrease position in specific markets. Meaning, bot will execute market orders with randomized sizing and time delays. This lets traders get into positions with minor controlled slippage.

Crypto index bot

Crypto index bot lets traders to have a diverse portfolio with cryptos of choice. It is a way to create your one index in order to minimize influence of singular cryptos movement on your portfolio. 

Intelli Alice bot

Intelli Alice is a fully automated trading system created for crypto markets. As Haasonline claims the algorithm uses machine learning technology. It uses different levels of moving averages and other crypto trading indicators. The bot is designed for volatile markets.

Market Maker bot

Market maker bot lets traders to take advantage of market spread by opening two opposite orders. This bot is designed for markets with high spread, so not for BTC, ETH or any other volatile cryptos.

Scalper bot

Scalper bot is a lower risk, short-term strategy that, as Haasonline claims, makes smaller profits with less risk. It is designed to make a steady profit margin over each trading session.

Zone Recovery bot

Zone recovery bot is a grid trading bot that opens additional orders is the price is moving against the original position. It also can work the other way, by lowering position until the take profit level is reached.

Advanced crypto index bot

Advanced crypto index trading bot is a more complex version of simple index bot. It gives traders more advanced options to maintain a diverse crypto portfolio.

Email alerts

Email alerts trading bot makes trades according to email signals that you get from external services. You can use notifications from TradingView to Gmail address to open orders.

Inter-exchange arbitrage bot

Inter-exchange crypto arbitrage trading bot lets traders take advantage of crypto price differences among exchanges. This is an automated bot that opens to opposite positions simultaneously. The buy order for the cheaper price and sell for higher.

Standar Trade Bot

Standard crypto trade bot is one of the most advanced trading bots available as HaasOnline claims. This bot allows you to create trades using your own trading strategy with great speed. 

Flash crash bot

Flash crash bot is a grid trading strategy that lets traders take advantage of fast crypto price dropping. It opens a grid of orders below the base price of crypto that triggers during a flash crash.

Mad Hatter bot

Mad Hatter trading bot executes trades from signals of Bollinger Bands, MACD and RSI indicators. Those three indicators need to agree in order for the bot to open the order. The bot works on a 5-minute chart.

Ping Pong bot

The Ping Pong trading bot is a short-term trading bot. Differently from scalper bot it creates orders based on historical data.

Trend line bot

Trend lines trading bot executes order based on trend lines. The bot monitors price charts and draws lines accordingly. It opens and closes orders based on these trend lines.

Crypto Exchanges you can connect to HaasOnline

HaasOnline lets traders to connect a wide range of the most popular crypto exchanges. Right now they have 24 exchanges that is enough for most traders.

HaasOnline available crypto exchanges

Historical Backtesting

HaasOnline has a function that lets traders to backtest their strategy. Using historical data from exchanges you can see how your strategy would be doing. It helps to better understand the strong and weak parts of each strategy.

Real-time paper trading

Paper trading is another important part in creating a trading strategy. Unlike backtesting, frontesting or paper trading lets traders to see how their strategy or algorithm performs in real time. Therefore traders can get a deeper understanding of their algo performance and make changes accordingly.

HaasScripts optimization

Scripts optimization tool is an easy to use and powerful engine. Haas Labs lets developers optimize their Haas Scripts with three different algorithms ranging from random, brute-forcing and intelligent algo.

Create your own trading algorithm

One of the best HaasOnline functions is the ability to create your own trading algorithm. So, it is super easy to do, because of visual editing software. Traders can use over 500 visual blocks like chart data, indicators, price data and much more. 

It is a great opportunity for anyone to build their own trading bot and backtest it on one platform. 

HaasScript visual editing tool

HaasOnline Referral program

HaasOnline has a referral program that pays a referrer up to 25% from each order. Each user can invite friends via a unique link. After the friend signs up and upgrades to the paid version you get up to 25% from the order.


HaasOnline has three levels of paid subscription Beginner, Simple and Advanced.

Beginner plan for 0.005 BTC / 3 months (0.011 BTC / 12 months) lets you have 10 active trading bots, access to 11 insurances, 10 safeties and 20+ indicators. 

Simple plan for 0.007 BTC / 3 months (0.02 BTC / 12 months) lets you have 20 active trading bots, access to 13 insurances, 20 safeties and 40+ indicators. Plus Visual Editor that enables you to create your own trading bot. 

Advanced plan for 0.012 BTC / 3 months (0.033 BTC / 12 months) lets you have unlimited active trading bots, unrestricted access to insurances, safeties and indicators. Also, Visual Editor and free developer license. 

All plans give unlimited trades, support and 100$ VPS credit, so your bots could run 24/7.

Support and security

HaasOnline has helpful support, that is ready to help new traders set up their trading accounts and start trading. 

HaasOnline vs Bitsgap

Compared to Bitsgap HaasOnline have some major differences, such as pricing, variety of services and others. SO, both of these services are designed for similar purposes and are well adopted by crypto traders. You can read the full Bitsgap review on our website.


  • Bigger variety of trading bots. HaasOnline has some interesting trading bots, while Bitsgap can only offer a few grid trading bots.
  • Make your own bot option. This is one of the bigger advantages of HaasOnline against Bitsgap. Visual editing tool makes the process easy and back testing ability ensures you create a profitable one.


  • Crypto trading signals. Bitsgap offers trading signals service while HaasOnline does not.
  • Binance futures trading ability.
  • Pricing, Bitsgap is way cheaper service starting from only 19 USD / month. HaasOnline cheapest option stands at 0.005 BTC / 3 months. If you want to open all features HaasOnline will cost you 0.012 BTC / 3 months (around 660 USD) and Bitsgap Pro will cost you 110 USD / month. This is less than half a price!


  • Arbitrage trading. Both services offer inter exchange arbitrage ability.
  • Demo trading. Both services can offer backtesting and front testing your trading strategy or bot.
  • Similar amount of exchanges. You can connect all the major crypto exchanges to either HaasOnline or Bitsgap.

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HaasOnline vs 3commas

3commas is another popular crypto trading bot service. So, 3commas in a way is similar to Bitsgap, but has more trading bots and even lower prices. Compared to HaasOnline, 3commas loses in the same ways Bitsgap does.


  • Bigger variety of trading bots. HaasOnline has more trading bots. While, 3commas only has bots like Grid trading, Dollar cost averaging and options bot.
  • Make your own bot option. This is one of the bigger advantages of HaasOnline against 3commas. Visual editing tool makes the process easy and backtesting ability ensures you create a profitable one.
  • Arbitrage trading. HaasOnline has an inter-exchange arbitrage option.


  • Pricing. 3commas plans pricing ranges from 14.50 USD / month to 49.50 USD / month. It is almost 5 times less than HaasOnline alternatives.
  • Easier to use for newcomers. 3commas has an easy to understand interface which is user friendly. HaasOnline is a more advanced platform for experienced traders.


  • Demo trading. Both services can offer backtesting and front testing your trading strategy or bot.
  • Similar amount of exchanges. You can connect all the major crypto exchanges to either HaasOnline or 3commas.

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HaasOnline vs Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is an easy to use automated crypto trading service. 


  • Bigger variety of trading bots. As with other services HaasOnline has more trading bots than Cryptohopper.
  • More crypto exchanges. HaasOnline can connect over 20 exchanges while Cryptohopper can connect only 9.


  • Copy trading. With Cryptohopper you have the ability to copy the trades of expert traders.
  • Easier to use for newcomers. Cryptohopper has very intuitive UI design making it easy to use for new traders.


  • Make your own trading bot. Cryptohopper has a strategy builder option with no coding skills required just as HaasOnline.
  • Demo trading. Both services can offer backtesting and front testing your trading strategy or bot.


On this day HaasOnline is probably the most advanced crypto trading bot service. They have the most powerful tools, the most advanced bots and much more. Compared to their counterparts HaasOnline is pricey and pretty complicated to use. But the ability to visually edit your own trading bot beats everything. Together with backtesting and front testing services HaasOnline is one of the most advanced and crypto trading algorithms services right now.

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