Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrencies trading is highly competitive and forever changing business where only few are able to survive. In this page we analyze crypto market, share our insights, discus new and profitable trading strategies. All trading begins from education and crypto trading is no exception. Our topics on this page will cover: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading strategies reviews, indicators reviews, trading algorithms and bots reviews.

Technical crypto analysis

Graphs plays important role in trading. Technical analysis is a trading part that, gathers data from past trading activity in order to create prediction of future market behavior. Patterns of price movements, charting tools, technical indicators are all parts of technical analysis. These parts work for one goal to determine commodity’s strength and weak points.

In crypto market we have brought selection of technical analysis tools and to many traders charting could be the main part of their job. So, stay tuned for technical analysis news!

Fundamental crypto analysis

In order to achieve success in financial markets you need an extraordinary strategy. Technical analysis won’t cover every aspects of the market, so for this reason traders needs fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is analysis method that studies many economic and financial factors that could have impact on asset’s value. For cryptocurrencies, fundamental analysis covers factors such as development effectiveness, political news, economic news and many others. The list could go on and on, but only thing that is important is how these factors will affect crypto market or individual tokens and how traders could monetize that.

Crypto indicators

Technical indicator is a number or graph, created by using mathematical calculation based on financial asset’s price, volume or other technical factor. Indicators are part of technical analysis, but they need topic of their own, because there are enormous amount of them. Classical technical indicators are used in crypto market, such as MACD, RSI or simple moving average, but some providers program their own commercial indicators just for crypto trading. When there is such a variety of indicators, it could become even harder for traders to choose from, so we are here to share with you reviews and tests of various technical crypto and classical indicators.

Crypto trading bots

Pre-programmed algorithms are probably what forms market right now. Imagine running a server with crypto trading bot that will do all the hard work for you, bot that will make right buy or sell decision without a human’s touch. It would be perfect, wouldn’t it? The sad truth is that there are a lot trading bot providers in the market and that most of them will burn your money really fast. So, the question remains how to find one that will make you money? By testing of course. If you won’t be able to test thousands of crypto trading bots, we are here to help you by sharing our bot testing results and reviews of algorithms providers.

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