Bitsgap review 2021 [UPDATED]

Bitsgap is a cross-exchange platform that lets you connect all your exchanges into one place, it is becoming more and more popular since Bitsgap is one of the leaders in arbitrage trading service. Started in February 2018 Bitsgap offers its users to connect over 30 top exchanges for trading in one place. This is a new standard for crypto trading services, a fast accessible platform, with thousands of tools, cryptocurrency pairs and even trading robots. So today let’s have a deep look into Bitsgap platform.

What does Bitsgap offer?

Bitsgap platform lets you to connect 30+ top rated crypto exchanges into one place and to trade over 10000+ cryptocurrency pairs that are being watched all from their platform. Bitsgap’s platform is equipped with various trading tools like stop loss, take profit, buy and sell limit orders, many technical indicators, drawing tools, etc. 

Charts are familiar to most traders, because Bitsgap is using a tradingview engine to generate charts. As you may know you will find all the technical indicators and drawing tools you need for your complex technical charts.

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Money management

Portfolio tracking gives you the ability to connect all your crypto exchanges balance into a one window. There the balances, cryptocurrencies distribution, daily profit, total profit can be seen, together with open orders, active positons and orders history.

Demo trading

Demo trading is something that you won’t come across very often in the cryptocurrency exchanges, so Bitsgap made a solution here by letting to test your strategies or real time test your trading bots in their platform.

Crypto Trading signals

Another tool that Bitsgap offers is cryptocurrencies trading signals. You get generated signals in a form of newsfeed, where you get a crypto pair, exchange with the best price and profit since signal was declared.

signals news feed Bitsgap

Bitsgap’s trading signals newsfeed

Crypto trading bots

More interesting form of trading are Bitsgap’s trading bots. These algorithms are simple grid trading robots, with very promising outcome in some market conditions.

I think I should quickly explain what grid trading is. This strategy makes profit out of range movements of the crypto pair price by positioning buy stop and sell stop orders in a repetitive pattern forming a grid of market orders. So, let’s say a pair WAVES/BTC is at price of 0.0001430 so we put some number of buy orders above that price and some number of sell orders above that price as it is shown on the picture. This way we kind of create grid of market orders and no matter which way price will move it will open our orders and we will make profit as price bounces back. So in other words grid trading technique is used for a range trading and won’t fit trending markets.

grid trading Bitsgap
Grid trading bot

Bitsgap offers fully manageable grid bots, you could choose price range, profit per grid, and investment you are willing to pay and then you start a bot ant it will do everything for you.

Arbitrage trading

The main service that Bitsgap offers is arbitrage trading and it is kind of revolutionary. It’s the key factor that makes them to stand out amongst other platforms. The process itself is simplified so much that one click is enough to execute orders, but as you know there many things that could go wrong when doing arbitrage trading.

SBot trading

This is a new high-efficiency grid trading bot by Bitsgap. It is optimized to achieve maximal results in the uptrend and to cut down losses on a down trend. Back testing results are really promising for this bot. Since it’s logic is not far away from the original grid trading bot, Sbot could provide additional returns on same investments

Scalper Bot

It is also a brand new addition to Bitsgap’s portfolio. It is a grid bot, but with very small distance between orders. This gives a trader an opportunity to benefit from even smallest market moves. 

Binance Futures Trading Bot

The newest feature Bitsgap offers is Binance Futures trading bot. It is a perfect combination of both grid and DCA algorithms. This bot can be used for trend following and generate big returns. Trading levels are automatically moved by Combo Bot’s trailing function. Built-in stop loss function let’s traders to secure their gains effectively.

Trading limits

Bitsgap’s trading limits depends on plan, it goes from 25000 USD/Month to an unlimited trading limits, so you’ll never go out of trading equity.

Learning centre

To help traders to maximize their profits with grid trading bots, Bitsgap has launched a learning centre. Various webinars are helping their clients to learn about crypto trading.

Security and support

As you may know cryptocurrency market still lacks of control, the biggest concern of any platform or exchange is its security, Bitsgap uses API keys to get information and trading access from crypto exchanges. All information is encrypted and Bitsgap do not have an ability to withdraw any crypto coins to other wallets.

Live customer support is another detail I loved about Bitsgap. For all your trading concerns you can join Telegram chat where regular users and Bitgap’s customer support can chat, ask questions, share their trading strategies and profits.


As it was mentioned before in order to trade in Bitsgap you have to enter API keys from your exchanges, this means that you must have accounts and funds in all of them. So if you want to arbitrage trade, you have to have many crypto exchanges accounts and manage funds on all of them.

Also, platform’s monthly fee is high, you have to trade enormous amounts of cryptocurrency in order to get your money back.

Pricing and fees

Right now Bitsgap platform has three membership plans Basic at 19 USD/month, 44 USD/month and Pro 110 USD/month and arbitrage trading option is available for advanced and pro subscribers.

Is the price right? It is up to each trader to decide, do you have many crypto exchanges accounts to manage, do you want to manage your funds better, do you want to use automated trading, do you want to have access to professional crypto trading signals service, do you want to make money from the arbitrage trading?  If so Bitsgap platform has it all.

Now Bitsgap is doing an affiliate marketing campaign and by clicking this link you will get 14 days of PRO plan trial period. So, go to the Bitsgap and try it yourself!


Bitsgap is arguably the best of its kind in the market right now. Many exchanges, crypto pairs and services that make it so handy and helpful in your trading life. Bitsgap is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency trading services market in a very convenient way. Appealing interface, trading bots, signal service, funds management Bitsgap has it all and that’s why they are the leader in the market right now.

2 thoughts on “Bitsgap review 2021 [UPDATED]”

  1. I had a horrible experience dealing with this so-called company.

    Their system is filled with bugs. I had over 20- issues where the robots will fall out of their range and fail to cancel the orders. In other instances, I simply couldn’t start the robot due to what they said was “high velocity”. I lost a substantial amount of money where these robots will try to buy and sell the original amount in order to start the robot.

    I reported these issues to their support and they sounded very friendly until I decided to cancel and requested a refund. At this stage, they started stoving the time by referencing other departments in their huge organization. Later they decided that they are not aware of the issues that I had and requested that I send them a detailed description of what went wrong. Naturally, I said that I wouldn’t be wasting my time and if I am forced to do so I will make sure to warn other users against this scam.

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