Best crypto arbitrage trading platforms

Best crypto arbitrage trading platforms

It is a hot year for crypto currencies and everybody is trying to make a buck in this crazy market. Today we are going to talk about one of the safest ways to trade cryptos – arbitrage trading. With all the platforms there is it could be a safe and profitable activity. Join us and learn about the best crypto arbitrage trading platforms now!

What is crypto arbitrage trading?

Crypto arbitrage is a form of trading that involves simultaneously buying and selling cryptocurrencies from different exchanges. Arbitrage traders make profit from crypto price differences between exchanges. This involves buying assets for the lowest price available and selling for the highest.

The process of arbitrage trading usually gives relatively small returns on each trade. Also, traders must place their orders extremely fast in order to have advantage among other players.

In order to participate in arbitrage trading one must have accounts in several crypto exchanges. Nevertheless traders must be able to trade on those exchanges simultaneously.

Since many retail traders encounter problems while doing arbitrage trades in crypto markets, the best solution to stay profitable is to rely on arbitrage trading platforms. The best and most popular platforms are:

Pricing for arbitrage trading / month44 USD49 USD220 USD* **55 USD*
Automated arbitrage trading?NONOYesYes
Trading limits100 000 USD / month ***200 positions / month ***No restrictionsNo restrictions
Exchanges supported24132410
Crypto pairsNo restrictions50No restrictions200

* BTC / USD ratio @55000
** 3 months price divided by 3
*** for a cheapest available arbitrage plan


Bitsgap is a crypto trading bots service. It is very popular among crypto traders since it has a variety of trading robots that are applicable to any market conditions. You can read the full Bitsgap review on our website.

When it comes to arbitrage trading Bitsgap offers an easy solution for traders. All you need are accounts with fiat balance on several crypto exchanges and you are good to go. Arbitrage trading bot is not automated, you still have to confirm every deal. For automated offline trading other Bitsgap’s bots could be used. 

Bitgap historical data show that the average gain on one trade is 2%. Meaning that with an account of 10000 USD trading on two exchanges you can make as much as 100 USD per trade.

Pricing for the service is 19USD / month for basic plan. That includes a 25 000 USD monthly trading limit, 2 trading bots and ability to connect unlimited exchanges. 

Advanced plan is 44 USD / month. It gives 100 000 USD trading limit upto 5 trading bots and arbitrage trading options. Meaning that for arbitrage trading you need an advanced plan or better.

PRO plan is 110 USD / month. It comes with unlimited trading limits and up to 15 active trading bots.

If you are upto testing Bitsgap’s arbitrage function you can do this completely free of charge for 14 days if you register by pressing on the banner below. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Bitsgap arbitrage trading


Cryptohopper is another popular crypto trading bots provider. It was developed by two brothers. Developed for their personal use at first Cryptohopper soon became a very successful automated trading system. Now it is one of the most known names in the crypto trading bots market.

Arbitrage trading on Cryptohopper is a similar process as in Bitsgap. All you need is at least several accounts in crypto exchanges and funds in them. You can add to Cryptohopper any of the major exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, HitBTC and others.

With free plan you can make up to 20 trading positions per month and no trading bots are available.

The Explorer package for 19 USD / months does not allow you to participate in arbitrage trading. But you still get to open 80 positions, work with 15 coins, use up to 2 triggers and 1 trading bot.

The Adventurer package for 49 USD / month is the cheapest one that lets you participate in arbitrage trading. Plus lets you open up to 200 positions, use 5 triggers and 1 trading bot. This is the way to go if you want to arbitrage trade.

And the last Hero package for 99 USD / month opens the biggest opportunities. With 500 positions you as well get all the advantages from the adventurer package plus market making bot and algorithm intelligence bot.

If you would like to give Cryptohopper a try for a free register by clicking the banner below and get 7 days free of charge on the Explorer package!

Cryptohopper Market Making


Haasonline started in 2014 as a trading bots platform. They have a simple platform that is accessible to any retail or institutional trader. It is an extremely popular service with probably the biggest variety of products.

Haasonline has an advanced arbitrage trading bot that monitors selected crypto pairs in different exchanges. The biggest advantage here is that bot make trades automatically. So, this means that a possibility of human mistake is eliminated. However arbitrage bot won’t screen the whole market, but only pre-selected pairs.

There are three trading plans on the Haasonline platform. Beginner plan at 0.005 BTC / 3 months (around 275 USD) will give you ability to have 10 active trading bots, access to 20+ indicators and allow traders to make unlimited trades.

Simple plan at 0.007 BTC / 3 months (around 385 USD) lets you have 20 active trading bots, access to 40+ indicators. However this plan, as a beginner plan, does not have arbitrage trading possibility.

Advanced plan is the one you wanna go for arbitrage trading. For 0.012 BTC / 3 months (around 660 USD) there are no restrictions for active trading bots, crypto indicators and other functions.

Haasonline has one of the widest range of automated systems there is. On the other hand it is quite expensive. 

Automated Bitcoin Trading Bot Software


Arbinox is a platform dedicated to arbitrage trading. It is designed to make consistent profits in the crypto market. As they say in the website they bring tools to ordinary traders that not a long time ago were only available to the “whales” of the market.

Since Arbinox is designated as a platform for arbitrage trading naturally it has some advantages over other platforms. The main of course is pricing. Another is a fully automated system and ability to track trading signals by specified parameters.

Cheapest plan costs only 0.001 BTC / month (~55 USD) that lets traders use an arbitrage bot with 1 trading slot in 10 exchanges.

Middle plan for 0.005 BTC / month (~275 USD) gives traders 10 trading slots. So, for the value you can get the ability to do X2 more trades.

The highest plan for 0.02 BTC / month (~1100 USD) lets you trade 50 trading slots. 

Exchanges you need in order to participate in arbitrage trading:

Bittrex logo
Kraken logo
Binance logo
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